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Jol is a fully programmable, English-like high level command language that increases your performance while reducing the costs of computing resources.

It is a high level language that enables Users to detail the true characteristics of their jobs in simple, easily learnt statements.

Jol allows the commands required by the Operating System to be expressed concisely, logically and in an extremely simplified manner.

Jol is a proven alternative to IBM's complex Job Control Language - JCL - and offers vastly increased flexibility while substantially simplifying the whole command procedure.

Jol allows all data set attributes to be stored in a data base - when Jol requires information about data sets, it automatically uses the details from the data base.

The Jol System includes a compiler and execution monitor that can run your work under TSO, or in Background, with or without JCL. It also includes a Scheduling and Networking Facility that can be used with your proven JCL procedures.

Jol complements or can replace IBM's OS JCL, TSO CLISTs and ISPF Panels.

Jol offers many advantages over your current mode of operation whilst offering tremendous cost saving, viz:

    • Increased programmer productivity

    • Greater machine throughput

    • Complete management supervision and control

    • Independence from Operating System and Hardware


    • End User

    • Programming Maintenance and Development

    • Production (i.e., operations, scheduling)

    • Management Control


    • Saves hours of programmer time

    • Saves hours of machine time

    • Schedules and Networks jobs

    • Enforces installation standards

    • Enhances utilization of existing software

    • Reduces operating costs associated with data processing

    • Provides many new facilities


    • Easy to learn

    • Easy to use

    • Easy to change

    • Flexible

    • Powerful

    • Legible

    • Concise

With Jol the complexities of OS JCL disappear.

Jol Command Language procedures can be written in a logically structured manner using simple problem oriented commands. Jol statements have a free format and a simple grammatical structure.

Should an error occur, clear and intelligible diagnostics are issued.


Jol can assist substantially in reducing costs and time requirements during conversion to OS. Jol minimizes the traumas that you normally experience with this conversion and provides a dramatic reduction in overall project costs.

Converters are available to convert OS/JCL, Fujitsu X8 JCL and DOS/VSE JCL to Jol.