A project as big as Jol has had many people contributing to it.

Shell Oil Melbourne gave me the go ahead to develop the program and allowed me free rein to develop and enhance the program. Along with many of the users with their own super ideas on how Jol should be developed. Thanks to my managers - Dick Garvey and Bill Cheek.

Amoco or now Standard Oil in Chicago contributed enormously with people such as Val Groth and Cece Anderson advising.

Fujitsu Computers Australia provided most of the computing resources and encouragement after the initial versions were completed.

My family - my wife Jenny and my parents (Cal and Nancy) and brothers (in particular Adrian, Kalvert, Tony, Gerry and Paul)  gave me invaluable support.

Fergus Gibson, Paul Gillis, Charles Cast, David Doubtfire, and John Summerfield all assisted in major ways.

Thank you all, and all the people I haven't listed here. Please get in touch with me!

And the Users - many of whom have written Testimonials - thank you.

And now - how does it get better than this?  It just does.  What else is possible? IBM involvment?