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Clement Victor Clarke was born in Melbourne, Australia on the 16th of November, 1943. He is the oldest of 10 boys – no girls. He attended Xavier College in Melbourne for most of his schooling, with a year at St. Patrick's College in Ballarat, and finishing at St. Kevins in Toorak, and Balwyn High School. After a year in his father's Real Estate firm, he attended Melbourne University. However, he was extraordinarily keen to start with his computer programming career and so left his Applied Science course at Melbourne University before finishing his degree (there were no computer courses in those days). Clement has three delightful children by Jennifer Anne Clarke (nee Symmons): Clement, Piaf and Josh. He now lives alone in Perth, and enjoys playing tennis and learning about economics, philosophy, spirituality and psychology.

Clement started work at APPM using ICL 1900 computers, and then moved to Shell Oil where he worked on English Electric Computers and helped to implement Shell Melbourne's first IBM 360/65 machine. Clem became a Senior System Programmer and became a specialist in machine performance, and making programs run as quickly as possible. He is proficient in many computer languages and Microsoft products.

Clement's interest in fairness and justice was instilled in early years at Xavier College and the general Australian philosophy of a "fair go". His interest in economics, philosophy, spirituality and psychology started some ten years ago when Australia went through a severe depression, causing great hardship to many around him. It became apparent that most of the world's problems are caused by an unjust debt ridden banking system that makes money from "thin air" with the unintended consequence of enslaving and killing people, and creating wars, and cut-throat, deadly competition, and destroying the environment. See for more information.

Finding a solution to the world's problem has become a major part of his focus and taken him down such paths as studying the "Conversations with God" books, the movies "What the Bleep Do We Know" and "The Secret", as well as reading countless books and discussing many ideas with people. Neale Donald Walsch has an excellent site that offers a new future here:

Clement is also very inventive, having created an entire computer language, and various energy saving ideas such as a two-wheel car that uses far less fuel than conventional cars. He is also setting up a website "SaveTheWorldForOurChildren".

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Tel Australia (61) 0401 054 155

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