Simplified Jol Z/OS Script Language

Payroll: Job class C 1000 k;
Exec Validate Input.Trans, Trans.Action(+1); /* Validate Transations */
if Validate=0
then do;
    Sort transaction(+1) to Sorted.Trans.Actions(+1)
    Exec Update Payroll.Master(0), Sorted.Trans.Action(+1),
    If Update = 0
    then do;
        Catalog Payroll.Master(+1), Sorted.Trans.Action(+1);
        Submit Job2;
else Stop 'Error in PAYROLL Job';

Why Use Us!

Jol makes Z/OS Mainframes about as easy to use as Windows or Linux computers. It offers many unique features solving many common JCL limitations.

Jol is a Command or Scripting Language originally designed specifically for IBM Mainframes using MVS.

Nowadays it runs on Z/OS, MVS, Windows and OS/2. Linux and VSE versions are just around the corner.

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George Oros,Manager,Computer Center,ATAC. Pty. Ltd. wrote:

"The best piece of software I have come across in my 15 years in EDP."

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